Woodland’s Creek Living Room

My clients moved into their home about a year ago and they were ready to make this new space their own. They started from scratch with all of the furniture and decor. The wife’s only request was to carry the color through all the rooms so they felt visually connected.

I found these amazing cabinets at a local furniture store called Luxury for Less that fit perfectly in the living room coves. They bring balance to the room and provide a place for smaller scaled items. The sofa’s, swivel chairs and coffee table are from J.Turner. I’m obsessed with these swivel chairs. They are so comfortable. Don’t be surprised if you see them appear in a future home!

The art is really moody and dark, but a great focus for the room and provide a nice contrast to the bright window wall it’s facing.

The bookcases were fun to style. I turned all the books arounds so they just created texture and just a small amount of color from the covers.

A big tray was used on the table to collect the flowers, candle and coasters. A tray is a great way to keep your table looking tidy.

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