My Story

Hello! I’m Kirsten Braddock. I was born in Sydney, Australia and have spent most of my childhood traveling around the world with my family. My dad was in the Navy and his job required our family to move every four years and sometimes even more often! We have lived all over the United States and I completed High School in Sicily, Italy. You could say this process of moving and creating a new home in each location has been embedded in my makeup. My family has always encouraged my creative side and that has taken me down a path of learning about art, architecture, graphic design and web design. These are all creative fields but my true passion has always secretly been interior design. I crave a design challenge and welcome the opportunity to show off my ever-evolving style.

“Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love.”—Nate Burkus

Curious about the meaning behind the name? “Braddock” translates to “living by a notable broad oak.” My husband’s grandfather owned property surrounded by old oak trees. Having a name that represents our joined family history is right up my alley and so Broad & Oak was formed!